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Establishing your presence on the world stage may initially feel overwhelming. Exhibiting internationally and marketing at an event abroad are terrific ways to gain exposure for

your brand, and build connections that go beyond borders. Continually,  exhibiting and event marketing internationally  not only expose your brand to new markets, but also bring forward foreign competitors, challenging your efforts in new spaces.

If you’re looking to increase your exports to new areas, then you’ll need to keep up to date with the latest news, regulations, and opportunities.

Fear not, International exhibiting and event marketing is a process of continual opportunity. The challenges that you’ll face will provide the opportunities to succeed. Here are a few things to remember when embarking on your next global convention or event.

Think according to your destination.

If you’re heading to China, your communication plans may change with limited accessibility to websites such as  facebook and even google. Launching a product in India will be different than in Russia. Fortunately, event marketing practices differ international, and knowing these finer details turns obstacles into opportunities. Each place around the world is comprised of completely different cultures, and the way you market yourself to potential clients requires time and careful research. Spending time to design your program with your target audience in mind will increase ROI.

Event marketing practices differ internationally, and knowing these finer details turns obstacles into opportunities.

Secure a good team for your trip.

Look for partners that embrace global opportunities, and understand its importance for an expanding business. Before bringing on new team members abroad who are experienced in the area, find a way to also bring those already dedicated to your brand and those who take part in daily operations. After all, they are the best people to represent you. See if you can use your team to your brands advantage.

Keep an open mind while abroad.

While selecting partners, and participating in the event remember that inspiration comes from around you. Allow yourself to become absorbed in competitor brands and learn from them. Build meaningful connections with as many people as you can. Every interaction and experience has the ability to offer you perspective, giving you the chance to grow as an organization.

Expanding your brand into a new realm of possibility may be overwhelming, but it is one of the best tools for growth.

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