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Beaumont & Co. becomes Managing Investor in Halifax Partnership

The Halifax Partnership

The Halifax Partnership is the economic development organization for Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Halifax Partnership aims to help the Halifax economy by helping companies excel in Halifax. With their strong leadership in the economic industry, top-notch core programs, and partnerships throughout different sectors, they also market Halifax to the world.

Halifax Partnership prides itself as a connector. The company sees the potential of Halifax in terms of business industry and therefore they are eager to build the connections that generate business and economic development. With their partnerships and acclaimed programs, they offer opportunities to large companies and individuals alike who want to connect and pool resources on large and small ideas which help Halifax grow and flourish.

Halifax Partnership is the go-to source when it comes to the economy of Halifax. They look deep into what makes Halifax a progressive city and have no problem pinpointing and analyzing the city’s trends and growth. Halifax Partnership is always updating its partners and the public with the latest leading edge data and opportunities that help to kindle growth.


Beaumont & Co. is Proud to Support the Great Work of The Halifax Partnership

Beaumont & Co. is a proud investor of Halifax Partnership. 

At Beaumont & Co., we believe that investing in the Halifax Partnership is an investment in Halifax. We can see clearly how working together builds a stronger and more progressive economy in Halifax. This partnership guides us through the vibrant environment that is this beautiful city, by helping us – together with other investors – thrive among a lot of other passionate individuals who are proud to call Halifax their home.

By investing in the Halifax Partnership, we contribute to the overall growth of the city. On top of this, we gain a competitive advantage with the access to business growth opportunities and other relevant economic research. The better visibility and engagement we get allow us to generate pulsating connections with prominent business, community, and government leaders.


Beaumont & Co. Youth Employer of the Year Recipient 2016.

Beaumont & Co. was proud to be the recipient of the Halifax Youth Employer of the Year Award, presented by TD. 

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