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Designing an Effective Trade Show Exhibit Hanging Sign

Trade show exhibit hanging signs are extremely important to creating a strong presence at your events, because they are a key element in capturing attention of prospective clients. These hanging banners do have to look very professional to catch the eye, but they also have to be unique and interesting, to draw in attendees. There are many different ways to create unique and effective trade show hanging signs and hanging banners, and Beaumont & Co. is here to tell you some key things to keep in mind.


Make Your Hanging Banner Simple and Neat


It is important to keep the layout of your custom hanging banner simple, as it is what attendees will see, typically before even approaching your exhibit, so you want it to be clear and easy to distinguish, but also represent your brand.


With that being said, to create an effective hanging sign, you might want to consider using white spacing with bold and clear fonts for the text, allowing it to be easy to read and understand, as well as easy to spot from afar. You want it to be clear and simple but you also do not want it to be boring, you want it to capture your brand DNA, minimalist designs do show professionalism, straightforwardness, and when done right, can be attractive and eye catching.




Let Your Hanging Banner Introduce Your Brand or Business


A well executed trade show hanging banner should not only be easy to understanding, but also offer valuable details about your brand and what it is you have to offer!


Hanging signs typically consist of the name of your brand, but you could also think about incorporating other important details and information, such as a brand catchphrase or a short one liner about your offerings and services.


If you would rather not add a one liner or a slogan, you can always add visuals! Adding icons, logos or symbols are fantastic options to add to your hanging banner because they give attendees an idea of who you are and again, what you have to offer.


Choose a Visually Appealing, Eye-Catching, Design


For the most part, a trade show is all about the visual experience. If you really desire to make the most of your hanging sign and create a strong presence with it, you might want to design some well thought out graphics to attract the passerby as stated above, with icons, symbols etc. Once you have chosen some visuals and designed graphics for your custom hanging banner, you need to be sure that you are using the right colors. These colors must not only represent your brand, but also be pleasant to the eye and be attractive to future clients.


While bright and flashy colors are common for catching attention, they are more suitable for an event where the target audience are younger children. Rather, if you are aiming to capture the attention of a more mature audience, you may want to incorporate neutrals and pastels.



Consistency is Key


We have listed many guidelines that we like to follow when designing effective hanging banners, but it is important to keep your brand values and target audience in mind first. When you take these into consideration it will make it easier to pick your visuals, colors and design graphics and wording for your hanging sign.


When you are creating custom hanging signs for trade shows, you must keep in mind that each sign and banner should have consistent fonts, colors and layouts because it allows clients to know that the hanging banner belongs to your brand. Using the same colors and fonts consistently at trade shows allows clients and attendees to easily associate the hanging sign with your brand or business. An effective hanging banner will make you memorable at each trade show you attend.




Our goal here at Beaumont & Co. is to provide our clients with the highest quality products, so they are able to attract attendees to their exhibit and turn them into clients!


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