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All You Need to Know About Custom Trade Show Display Graphics

Display graphics are the images used for illustration, and they are typically printed on vinyl, paper, or fabric with a wide format printer. Custom display graphics are most often large graphics printed on the materials listed above, and then hung and mounted on a graphic display unit of some sort, in a noticeable spot, to generate interest. If you are looking to have unique custom display graphics, then you may want to consider using vinyl banners when a company has several sales franchises or outlets, they typically need different units of display graphics. Companies that create custom display graphics will create different units to ensure you have a reliable promotional campaign, creating products such as mounted displays, banner stands, custom posters, or vinyl banners.




Indoor vs. Outdoor Custom Display Graphics


Visually, there is quite a noticeable difference between indoor display graphics and outdoor display graphics.


Indoor custom display graphics are typically placed in trade shows, malls, retail stores, or in meetings. On the other hand, outdoor custom display graphics typically come in the forms of signage, vinyl banners, and adhesive vinyl that are often used for window or vehicle graphics, large outdoor posters or signs, as well as streetscape banners and tents.




Outdoor display graphics are exposed to various elements and need to be created using special inks to ensure that the units are waterproof and resist damaging UV rays. Using this process makes sure that the ink will not fade from bright sunlight, ensuring that your custom display graphics look beautiful for a long period of time. There are some suppliers that try to “cheat” by laminating items that are printed using water based inks, however, this is not the best solution to this. Using this method, the display graphics will not be the highest quality, and you can run into issues, such as fading, or the ink bleeding and not looking the best.


Typically we suggest using solvent-based ink, even for indoor display graphics. For example, custom banners that you are planning to use multiple times are going to be rolled and unrolled several times, and water-based inks tend to scratch and break up if used like this very frequently. If you are planning to hang a banner at the front of a display table at a trade show, it is likely to be bumped and people often touch them, creating wear and tear and stains. Keep in mind how important it is to choose the most high quality and durable materials for your custom display graphics.


Artwork Considerations for Your Custom Display Graphics


Most knowledgeable display graphic designers and suppliers will know precisely which type of images and graphics you should or should not use. You can print with digital printing devices so you are able to include maps, logos, texts or anything you prefer for your graphics.




The resolution of your photos and graphics make a large difference. Offset printing needs a resolution of up to 300 ppi, however, display graphics could be printed with a resolution as low as 50 ppi. When you are shooting original photos, keep this in mind, always trying to shoot them with the highest resolution as possible. You will run into fewer issues when you shoot in the highest quality possible and are able to fix minor issues later according to your needs.


When you are choosing the right display graphics supplier for your upcoming event, look for a supplier who is able to guide you in simple, straightforward ways. If you have past experience working with layouts and images, you will know that creating and finding a design that is clean, simple, straightforward and high quality are the most important things to keep in mind.



Beaumont & Co. is able to guide you with your custom display graphics in order to maximize your impact at your next trade show or event.



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