Re-mark-able Trade Show Exhibits,Booths & Displays

Successful trade show environments entice, educate and evoke. But first, displays must create attention and draw in your audience. When you need a custom exhibit that creates engagement, promotes your brand, and highlights what you have to offer, you need us!

Why Hire Beaumont & Co. as Your Exhibit Partner?

A Superb Trade Show and Event Team

Beaumont & Co. builds eye catching trade show exhibits thanks to our dedicated team of designers. Our accomplished  team tunes into your needs and goals and then develops a exceptional trade show exhibit that embodies your brand and marketing. From concept to completion, we ensure your design promotes effective communication, and exceeds your expectations.

All-in-One Production Capability

Our headquarters includes a showroom and production plant with in-house exhibit building. We also have a separate storage warehouse. These spaces allow us to offer unique logistical benefits, plus rapid shipping throughout North America, and around the globe.

Produced in Canada

Beaumont & Co. produces your custom trade show exhibit in Canada in our Burnside, Halifax facility. We make it easy for you to monitor your project. You can even come to our facility to view your exhibit’s progress.

Detailed, Fast Work

We inspect every exhibit before shipping to ensure it works exactly as you expect when it arrives on site.

We also have expedited shipping and storage solutions for all major trade shows in North America  to ensure your display gets there on time.

Computer Controlled Production

Beaumont & Co utilizes high end computer controlled cutting machines for all production, ensuring precision cuts and a perfect booth.

Proven, Pain Free Projects

We are the go-to supplier for companies exhibiting need across North America, and our experienced trade show service team has offered unmatched service and satisfaction. We’re on call 24/7 and happy to serve you.

Custom Trade Show Displays to Suit Your Needs

We design, fabricate and manage exhibit projects for purchase, rent, or lease for all industries and events.


Effortless Install & Dismantle Programs

Whether your trade show is in Halifax,Toronto,Montreal,Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, or anywhere else in the world, Beaumont & Co. can handle your installation and dismantling needs. Our licensed and insured I&D Teams (also known as Exhibitor Appointed Contractors, or EACs) are carefully chosen to make sure that your project is completed with the utmost expertise.

Environmentally Conscience Exhibits

We produce trade show booths using sustainable materials, printing, lighting, and smart design. We ensure we make a positive impact on both your brand, and the environment.

Exhibit Internationally

With experience in shows across North America and partners around the world, our team understands the difference in cultures, and the difficulties and opportunities they present. We both design and produce custom exhibits for clients abroad and work with local companies to improve logistics and install costs. We provide the same turn-key projects whether your exhibit is around the corner, or overseas.

Modular Exhibits

We enjoy creating modular trade show exhibits and we’re experts in helping to control costs. Modular booths often feature interchangeable parts and lightweight components, which make scaling down or up a breeze. The best part, we can create your modular booth while maintaining the look of a custom exhibit.

Portable Displays

We have years of experience with an array of portable displays, and we understand yours needs of durability, set up ease, portability. Our portable displays rival the best, and can be easily interchanged to meet your needs.

See attractive, cost efficient portable display options!


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Just a quick thanks for the very good and professional job you've done. I like that way you organize our booth and trade shows - your logistics and collaboratin are always top notch!

Canada Sales Manager, ADF Diesel Group

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