Trade Show Exhibit & Display Design

Designing an effective trade show exhibit is critical to your overall trade show and event marketing strategy. At Beaumont & Co., our design process starts by learning as much as we can about your company and industry, as well as your previous and future trade show plans.

After we go through our needs discovery process, our exhibit designers start to develop preliminary 3D designs to help visualize your future booth. After the initial concepts are collaborated on, we produce photorealistic 3D renderings which showcase very fine details such as textures, materials, lighting and furniture. The photorealistic look enables you to see exactly what you will get in your actual trade show display.

After the photorealistic designs are finalized approved, our technical designers and architects produce graphic templates, production drawings, as well as electrical, plumbing, and general trade show floor plans.

  • Large exhibit design team
  • Free design with purchase/rental
  • Expert 3D designers
  • Graphic, 3D, and architects on staff
  • Modular trade show display design
  • Fast turn-around time
  • Design of AV and technology solutions
  • Design of printing & marketing collateral
  • Custom trade show exhibit design
  • Full service design team

How the Trade Show Exhibit Design Process Starts ..

To start the trade show booth design process, you can reach out to us at Beaumont & Co. and we can have a brief call, or communicate via email to go over your design ideas, booth size, and your schedule. After this, our exhibit design experts can help onboard your company logo and brand assets, and start to put together preliminary ideas.

Starting the design process is quite simple, and actually quite rewarding as you start to see your ideas take shape. We hope to hear your design ideas!

  • Custom trade show exhibit design
  • Modular trade show booth design
  • Portable trade show display design
  • Pop up trade show display design
  • Exhibition stand design
  • Island trade show display design
  • Trade show pavilion design
  • Large trade show exhibit design
  • 20×20 trade show exhibit design
  • 20×30 trade show exhibit design

Frequently Asked Trade Show Exhibit Design Questions

How long does it take to design a trade show exhibit?

The time it takes to design a trade show exhibit can vary dramatically. The larger and more custom the exhibit, the longer it may take. Designs can sometimes be as quick as a few days or a week, however typically the design of trade show displays include other services such as communication with the trade show venue, graphic production or fabrication. Usually for a small exhibit you will want to start planning your design 2-3 months in advance of your show date, and for a large exhibit, 4-7 months in advance.

What are some good trade show exhibit design ideas?

There are many great ideas for designing your next trade show booth. Inspiration can come from your company, your product or service, competitors, industry events and much more. At Beaumont & Co., we pride ourselves on utilizing the newest materials, technologies and designs that enable our clients to stand out at their trade shows and set trends within their industries.

What makes a good trade show exhibit and booth designer?

Full service is critical when it comes to a trade show booth designer. A trade show booth designer should a have in depth and diverse of not only graphic and 3D design, but also materials, fabrication, regulations and overall branding and marketing. It is often best to utilize a trade show display company with great designers, or ensure your design can work with a trade show display company on your project.

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