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Auckland is one of New Zealand’s most populated area with a population of around 2 million people. Located in between 2 harbors, Manukau Harbour and Waitemata Harbour. One of the very few cities having 2 different bodies of water, the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Be amazed by the traditional Maori culture along with the booming economy and modernized architecture in Auckland.



Brisbane is one of the fastest-growing cities in Australia with a subtropical climate and diverse population. This makes a great place for outdoor activities. Aside from being the capital city of Queensland, it is also known as the second largest state by area. Because of the bountiful nature surrounding Brisbane, tourists can spend their time exploring the mountains, lakes, sandy beaches and near islands. They also have a wide range of wildlife parks, animal zoos and farms.



Discover the coast capital of Victoria state in Australia, Melbourne. Being the 2nd largest city in Australia, you can enjoy a blend of art, culture, fine dining, sports and style all rolled into the country’s coffee capital. In this cool city of approximately 4 million, explore the sights, wildlife, culture, delicious food and wine. Go around Melbourne’s laneways and Queen Victoria Market to enjoy various coffee shops, cafes and shops.



Aside from being the capital state of New South Wales in Australia, Sydney is the largest city of the country and is located in the East Coast. Surrounded by Port Jackson, the most featured landmarks of Sydney are the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House drawing millions of tourists to visit the city every year. Sydney has abundant sunshine and considered to have a humid subtropical climate.