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Benefits of Using Wayfinding Signs at Trade Show Venues

Wayfinding signs are an important aspect of ensuring attendees can properly and effectively navigate your venue and event. Although useful and important, it seems as if these signs are easily taken for granted or forgotten about.


Many of us do not realize how this form of event display can really help people to navigate their way from point A to point B at trade shows and events. When designers are creating these sings it is important that they make them simple, easy to read, easy to find, and large enough that everyone is able to read them, to make sure everyone can properly get around the venue.


When deciding whether a wayfinding sign is effective or not comes down to how convenient it is for the user to navigate the event by using it. These wayfinding signs should generate a warm and enjoyable environment for users, and if possible, it should offer solutions for potential problems for those looking for assistance. Although traditionally designed to show attendees where to go, they can also include areas not to go as well if that applies to your event.


What a Wayfinding Sign Should Offer Attendees


When choosing a wayfinding sign design, you first have to understand that an effective sign should offer the following points to users:


  • The start and end point of the event
  • The current location in the complex or venue of the sign user or attendee
  • Direction, ensuring they are moving with the flow of traffic
  • Classify any possible hazards in the venue


Creating wayfinding signs is not the only tricky part, as it is just the start of the continuous effort of monitoring the wayfinding signs for accuracy and efficiency. This constant management of wayfinding signs involves including signage, as well as printed maps and information booths where necessary.


Typically, a wayfinding sign finds itself supplying navigation and guidance with no marketing messages, which is mainly the case in retail spaces. These signs are meant to be noticeable and easy to see, but they should not compete with other forms of signage in the venue. You will want to make sure that there is a key connection when it comes down to color or the graphical elements in the design of the wayfinding sign. You want to make sure that your wayfinding signs flow with the design of the venue, but ensure they do not compete with any marketing signage or branding you may be including.


Checklist for Wayfinding Signs in your Event Venue


Here is a checklist that you are able to reference to assist you in planning your wayfinding sign, regarding placement and efficiency.


  • Does it guarantee the most efficient movement of people?
  • Is all of the information correct and accurate?
  • Does my wayfinding sign maximize commercial goals?
  • Does it achieve positive user experience and feedback?
  • Does it improve branding tactics, corporate identity, and image?
  • Does it represent the best image possible to every visitor?
  • Does it include visual communication, good lighting, and landmarks?
  • Is it easy to find and user-friendly?


Wayfinding signs are not only to help attendees find their way in a venue to where they need to go next, but they also make a good display to add appeal to your venue. Wayfinding signs can often be overlooked, but they are a very important aspect of ensuring your event goes smoothly and ensures the crowd can easily navigate and get through your venue.


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