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Best 20 x 20 Trade Show Display Ideas

Here at Beaumont & Co., we know how important it is to be noticed and remain memorable at trade shows and conferences. There are many ways to engage your clients and attendees, and from our years of experience, we are here to share some best practices with you to ensure you get the most out of your custom 20 x 20 trade show display. It is important to create a unique and custom trade show booth, and our team of experts is here to help you with the process.

Working Together to Create a Unique, Memorable Exhibit


We pride ourselves on our creative, custom designs for our clients, and love working off one another to provide you with the best custom 20 x 20 exhibit you can possibly have. We attend a large number of shows yearly and our design team is always noticing new trends, and always stays on top of what is up and coming.


Start Your Design Process Early to Ensure a Great Experience


One of the best pieces of advice Beaumont & Co. can give to their clients, is to start your design process early, to ensure you have nothing but a positive trade show experience. When designing a custom trade show display, of any size, there are many small and tedious aspects of creating it, and by starting early enough you make sure to avoid stressful situations come show time. We are able to work together to get all of the small tasks out of the way so your experience is nothing but positive and memorable. At Beaumont & Co., our team of experts truly does pride themselves on their ability to respect realistic deadlines, and by starting the process early we can avoid any setbacks, so you are delivered with the highest quality booth at show time.


Making Use of the Space You Have to Make an Impact


The size of your booth is very important, but what you do with the space you have is even more important. A 20 x 20 island display is a fantastic amount of space, and you want to make sure it is well utilized and eye-catching, to turn all of those attendees into valued clients. We will share a few tips on how to capture the attention of the attendees, stay true to your brand values, provide your future clients with an experience as well as how to create a comfortable space for your clients to enjoy.


It is time to get into the fun part, the tips, and tricks!



How To Be Noticed With Your Custom 20 X 20 Trade Show Display


The #1 goal at a trade show is to be noticed! It is easy to get lost in the sea of competition at trade shows, but Beaumont & Co. is here to make sure you are exhibiting with a uniquely designed 20 x 20 display, that will be sure to set you apart from your competitors.


Utilizing a Custom Hanging Banner to Capture Attention


A custom hanging banner gives trade show attendees the opportunity to find your booth from a distance. A well designed, properly installed hanging banner can help to create the strong presence you are trying to achieve at trade shows. You want to make sure it is large enough, branded, easy to read and see. Hanging banners are an added feature, which is ultimately not necessary in every case, but if you want to be noticed and stand out, we suggest one.





Choosing the Appropriate Lighting to Bring Your Display to Life


Along with the hanging banner, the lighting in your 20 x 20 trade show display needs to have perfect placement and it a key element in bringing life to your trade show booth. Lighting can most definitely set the tone of a space, as well as allow attendees and future clients to recognize your booth and be able to spot it from afar. You can use strategic placement of lighting in your display to focus on specific aspects; you can add brighter light on areas with important information, and have more dim light where attendees do not need to focus. When choosing light you also want to keep in mind the tone of the light, while warm-toned lighting causes a relaxed environment, cool toned lighting can brighten up spaces and wake people up. There are many aspects you need to consider when choosing the lighting for your custom trade show display, it can really change the entire exhibit.


Building Up Your 20 X 20 Custom Display


Exhibiting with a custom 20 x 20 trade show display is a great amount of space to make an impact. Even though it is a great deal of space to be creative and impactful with, you are still having to compete with those around you. If you are limited to a small area at your event, you can always consider building up your display, which will give you more space for meetings or conversations, and it will also capture more attention. Keep in mind venue regulations, but adding another story to your exhibit can really take your presence to the next level. On this second level, you are able to incorporate a meeting area, a lounge area, or an area with other useful information. By adding in this extra space, you have more space to be creative, and it gives your display a high-end feel.






How To Customize Your Space in Your 20 X 20 Trade Show Display



Incorporating Boardrooms and Storage in Your 20 X 20 Exhibit


It is great to have a lot of open space in your display, but if you are wanting to have business conversations and important meetings about deals at your trade shows or events, you are going to want to add a private meeting room to your display. As mentioned above, adding a second story to your display is a good idea when trying to add in a boardroom, but even if you do not, you can always add in a smaller room to your 20 x 20 display, giving you a space to have important conversations.


It is also a good idea to add useful storage to your custom display, ensuring there is no clutter in your exhibit and it looks professional and clean. When designing your display, you can request for there to be a storage closet or shelving in your counters or podiums. You can use these areas for personal items that belong to your employees, or put extra refreshments or tokens of appreciation in these spots as well.


Taking Your Trade Show Display Flooring to the Next Level


When you are attending trade shows or events, you need to take the time to decide on which flooring to go with, typically rented or purchased. You can surely make an impact with the flooring that you choose, keeping in mind that it should flow with the theme of your display, looks professional and looks clean. Another tip to elevate your impact is you may want to consider spending the extra money and going with raised flooring. By taking this extra step, it can make attendees feel as if they are taking a step into your exhibit, making it feel more high end as opposed to regular carpet flooring. It can surely get expensive, but it does elevate the entire experience your clients will have at your exhibit. Beaumont & Co. sees raised flooring a lot in Europe but is it something that we suggest to our clients all over the world.







Experiential Marketing With Your 20 X 20 Trade Show Exhibit



Optimizing Engagement by Delivering a Unique Experience


Experiential marketing, or engagement marketing, is becoming very prominent in the business industry. Beaumont & Co. has been able to experience experiential marketing in action and is pleased to be able to make it come alive in your 20 x 20 trade show exhibits. This type of marketing is based on your clients having an experience with your brand, giving them something to remember, and to make sure they are engaged. Experiential marketing creates brand loyalty, which is what every brand hopes for.


Creating an experiential exhibit causes your clients to spend more time at your 20 x 20 trade show booth, and often generates a crowd, which in turn draws more people in, allowing you to meet more clients and develop more relationships. Our team also suggests adding A/V to your exhibit, as it increases interaction with attendees, and often encourages them to stay longer and be more engaged at your exhibit. Providing your future clients with an experience is sure to make you memorable and it is a key element to a high quality 20 x 20 trade show exhibit.




Creating Client Comfortability in Your 20 X 20 Trade Show Display



Choosing the Correct Furnishings For Your Exhibit


It sounds very simple, but you want to make sure you are providing your clients and attendees with appropriate seating, allowing them to be comfortable while spending time in your custom 20 x 20 trade show booth. Many companies have trade show displays that are spacious, allowing for attendees to walk through, but accommodating those attendees with a place to sit and converse can make a large difference. Comfortability comes from physical aspects, but it also comes from elevated client services, making your custom booth a place where people feel welcomed, providing them with a cold drink of water or a small token of appreciation can go a long way.


The Beaumont & Co. team is capable of designing a custom 20 x 20 trade show booth that is equipped with comfortable couches and chairs, areas designed for conversations and interactions, and is able to make your custom exhibit feel like home to your future clients. Creating a comfortable space for your clients is a way to make your 20 x 20 trade show display memorable and can truly set you apart from your competitors.





Making Attendees Feel Welcomed Into Your 20 X 20 Display


Ensuring your clients and attendees feel physically comfortable in your display with the right furniture is very important, but you also want to keep in mind that you want them to feel welcomed into your exhibit and drawn into your space. Providing cold drinks and small tokens of appreciation can really go a long way in making attendees feel important, welcome and comfortable. Furniture and tokens of appreciation are important, but lighting also comes into place again when it comes to comfortability. Lighting can not only make you noticeable, it can really make attendees feel comfortable in your space.


Beaumont & Co. is a leading, full service, North American trade show exhibit company, capable of creating and designing a fantastic 20 x 20 custom trade show display that is sure to make your clients feel comfortable and welcomed in. We will provide you with a space that includes comfortable couches and chairs, areas designed for conversations and interactions, giving you a space that will make your clients feel at home. Creating this comfortable and welcoming space will ensure that attendees remember their experience with you and will set you apart with your custom 20 x 20 trade show display.



How to Stay True to Your Brand Values With Your 20 X 20 Trade Show Exhibit


Beaumont & Co. is well versed in creating custom 20 x 20 trade show displays that set our clients apart from those around them, generating a lot of excitement around the booth. Our team of experts makes sure to work with our clients, so all of us can have a clear idea of what they are looking for. We pride ourselves on our ability to stay true to our clients brand values and brand DNA, and we can really bring that to life in a booth.


Using Creativity to Ensure a Strong Presence


If you are a client looking for a way to integrate aspects of your company into the design of your 20 x 20 trade show exhibit, Beaumont & Co. can surely assist. The Smokey Mountain 20 x 20 island display is designed with custom wood fabrication to resemble a wooden cottage or log style home. Our team can really bring your brand to life, and designing a custom 20 x 20 exhibit such as this one is sure to set you apart and cause attraction to your exhibit.






Beaumont & Co.Will Exceed Your Expectations of a 20 X 20 Trade Show Exhibit


Beaumont & Co. is a leading North American, full-service trade show exhibit company, comprised of a well-rounded team of experts who are more than able to meet all of your 20 x 20 trade show display needs. We know what it takes to set yourself apart at trade shows and conferences and will be sure to share all of our years of knowledge with you. We can help you with being noticed, staying true to your brand values, creating an elevated level of comfortability for your clients, and will ensure you will be memorable. We are a team who respects deadlines and budgets and is sure to provide you with a service that is second to none.


Our team exceeds expectations time after time and we cannot wait to share all of our knowledge about 20 x 20 trade show exhibits with you!

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