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Capturing Attention with a Custom Trade Show Display Backdrop

Many trade show participants and exhibitors tend to depend on trade show stage banners, also called stage backdrops or media backdrops, to help them add a professional and custom touch to their overall trade show display. When a trade show exhibit is professionally and effectively done, it is more likely that it will generate a great deal of revenue over the others that are dull or not as exciting. Typically, trade show attendees are visually stimulated and are drawn to booths that are more visually appealing, which means the more attention-grabbing your display is, the more likely it will draw attendees in and capture attention. The ultimate goal is to turn attendees into clients, and you can surely do that by investing more in your display strategically.





Using Eye Catching, Unique Media Backdrops to Capture Attention


As we all know, there is typically a lot of competition at trade shows and events and it can be tough to generate a lot of attention for your display, so it is important to have a unique display so you can be noticed. Sometimes displaying the services or products you offer is just not enough to draw a crowd in, you want to make sure your display is eye-catching enough to draw them in, and keep them there long enough to spark their interest about what you have to offer. At these events, the style and look of your booth are just as important as your company as a whole.


Using a custom backdrop for your exhibit is a great way to capture the attention of attendees passing by. These stage banners can be made from a variety of materials, such as plastic, cloth or vinyl. A vinyl stage banner is typically a little bit more durable compared to other options and because of this, many trade show exhibitors lean toward it and choose it. With that being said, a vinyl backdrop is also more desirable because the colouring that is printed on it tends to be very bright, vivid and clear and is fade resistant even after years of repeated usage. Vinyl media backdrops will look very professional and clean in your custom trade show display and will last you much longer compared to other materials.




Stage banners are also quite easy to transport and set up is typically simple as well. Assembling backdrops takes only a few minutes and one person can do it on their own. Stage banners can generate a lot of attention for your trade show display and are very user-friendly, and when done right they can be very beneficial to your display.


Choosing the Right Custom Media Backdrop


When choosing which type of backdrop is the right fit for you, you must first determine the budget that you are willing to spend. Many companies, typically small or startups, do not have a large budget, but by using the right plan and choosing the right materials, you can generate a lot of attention, even by the use of a low-cost stage banner.


Media banners come in many shapes and sizes, and Beaumont & Co. is confident that we can find you one that suits your needs and respects your budget. Including a large banner or backdrop across your display area is going to be extremely eye-catching, and will let prospective clients know important information about your company from a distance. Placing a smaller backdrop near the front of your display table is also another option because it is easy to see and can be eye-catching there as well. Either location is sure to gather a lot of attention from trade show attendees and will give them a good idea of the services or products you offer, or give them an idea of who you are.


If you are a company with a larger budget for your media backdrop, it is going to be much more simple for you to make a large impact with your custom stage backdrop, and you can really benefit from what a large custom stage banner has to offer. You are able to customize your backdrop as much as you want, making it as simple or as complex as you would like. When you have a larger budget, you can also incorporate technology into your backdrop with the use of televisions or projectors, to add something more to the backdrop.




When you are thinking about designing a media backdrop for your next trade show or event, keep in mind how important it is to have an eye-catching, high-quality backdrop. You want the banner to stay true to your brand DNA, with a theme that corresponds with your brand’s theme, ensuring that it is easy to read and gives important information about your company to future clients and attendees. You want to make sure that your banner is unique and is able to set you apart from competitors. It might seem like a small aspect of your custom trade show display, but a beautiful backdrop it can make a large impact and can take your display to the next level.


Beaumont & Co. is a trustworthy, full service, trade show service provider that can create media backdrops and assist with all of your other trade show needs. For more information about a custom trade show stage backdrop please contact us at info@beaumontandco.ca or (902)-410-7446.

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