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Capture Their Attention: How to Design an Exciting Trade Show Exhibit

Trying to set yourself apart from other exhibits at trade shows can be a trying task. Coming up with creative ideas may be difficult, but there are plenty of options available for you to use to your advantage.

Differentiate with Fonts.

We tend to see the unoriginal 12pt, Times New Roman, black and white style too frequently throughout our day. There are many ways that you can energize your display without compensating the professional look.

When designing your canvassed products, use bold colours and colour schemes that complement each other well. Continually, find alternative fonts that are neat looking, but also different from the typical font choices. Make sure you stick to your brand guidelines and theme. Keep your look consistent from your displays through to any promotional product you may be offering. A unique creative style is what allows for your exhibit to stand out among the rest.

Use Interactive Displays.

Use interactive displays and kiosks to draw people in. Technology is a wonderful thing… include it in your display. iPads on printed stands are a clean looking way for someone to browse through your product selection, and generate their contact info while their immersed in your brand. Showcase a video so that those walking by catch a glimpse of what you do, but remember, those walking by have only seconds to “catch a glimpse” – leave all in depth visuals and communications within print materials, emails or the boardroom.

Design Your Floor Space Well.

On top of selecting creative displays, use your space as much as possible. Consider making use of height by hanging structures that draw attention from across the show. Also think about investing in the right furniture so that you can create the right balance of relaxed atmosphere

Overall, designing a trade show display is a process that challenges the creative mind. Do not be afraid to collect ideas from other exhibits, and share it with your marketing department, agency or exhibit house to turn it into something unique to you and your brand.

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