While there are many benefits to using different types of trade show stands, modular trade show booths offer excellent configuration and flexibility. Modular exhibit rental systems guarantee that your company’s display is going to stand out in the sea of booths, as no two exhibits are going to be the same.

Each exhibit rental must be designed for utility with features like spaces and workstations for samples, product introductions, promotions as well and storage that guarantee that every booth matches your company’s specific needs.

Furthermore, the different types of modular booth systems are highly compatible so they could be combined to generate an exceptional rental design that helps your business attain its marketing objectives.


But First, What is a Modular Trade Show Display?

Modular stands are displays that could be designed and tailored in many different combinations to make a complete exhibition stand suitable for a company’s needs, without the high cost of completely custom booth fabrication.

They are the most adaptable display that you can purchase and rent and are perfect if you want to improve your presence and take your booth to the next level. They can be built with different off-the-shelf materials in specific heights and shapes, with graphics created to your specific needs.


Types of Modular Trade Show Booths

There are different options to choose from when finding the best modular trade show booth. Many have distinct advantages, which include portability, user-friendliness, lightweight material, and the capability to be used in different configurations. Every modular exhibit could be modified to meet the specific trade show and marketing needs of an exhibiting company.

Specific sizes range from 10×10 and 10×20 booths to 20×20 booths and large island displays. There is no limit to how large you can build with modular trade show displays and this ensures there are a size and shape for every company’s needs. Also, you can utilize modular kiosks and tables that improve the overall look of your modular display, providing you with an accessible surface for engaging show leads and showcasing your products. Using these accessories improves your overall modular booth design.

Design, quality, usability, and user-friendliness are the main elements in making modular trade show displays that will draw people to come in. Using accessories and additions like high-quality graphics, audiovisual equipment, beautiful furniture, and other modular trade show exhibit accessories offers further charm to your modular trade show exhibit, increasing the effectiveness of displaying your products and services.

Modular Trade Show Exhibits are Flexible and Configurable

Even though regular-sized booth spaces and standard exhibit designs may be an important part of the marketing efforts of your company, it’s also essential for some brands to be able to select modular trade show displays that are flexible and that can adapt to different booth sizes and graphic variations.

Modular trade show booths can be modified into new designs and structures to meet the needs of your growing company. For instance, a 20-ft. display could always be separated into two 10-foot inline displays, or 10 more feet could be added to an already existing 10-foot display. Or, if a company already has an inline display, they can buy or rent extra parts to make a larger island exhibit.

There’s always an option of improving a modular exhibit using graphics to generate a new marketing campaign or promote a new service or product to show to people.

Modular Trade Show Displays are Compact and Customization

Modular trade show displays can be folded down into a compact size for extra convenience. This feature makes shipping and storing the modular display cases a lot more convenient. There is also a large amount of money saved on shipping, storage, and drayage at trade shows when you choose modular displays over larger wooden custom booths.

Renting a Modular Exhibit Could Also be a Smart Option

Renting a modular exhibit could also be a smart option for those companies who always want changes in the looks of their booth, as well as want to respond rapidly to changing budgets, products, branding, and audience target base.

Modular exhibits give companies different options for modifying the exhibit to fit a company’s changing needs and marketing campaigns. They are available in different styles, sizes, and shapes, these options let companies attain a custom design at an affordable price.

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