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Other Uses for Event Banners and Portable Displays Beyond Trade Shows

When you invest in professionally made, high quality, portable displays, event banners, or other forms of displays, your company is working on getting a good return on investment. It is known that most every company hopes that they can justify the cost of the different trade show or conference elements, especially if you go to many different industry events annually. It is important to note that you do not need to limit the use of your custom trade show displays to conventions and trade shows, as a matter of fact, the components are quite versatile. This versatility makes these displays perfect for different purposes and they are able to gather a great deal of interest when used in different ways, and when used untraditionally.







Gather More Attention on Recruiting Events


If your company is one that happens to attend corporate recruiting events, or even college job fairs, using event banners are an effective way to gain the interest of prospective clients, employees or students. This gives you the opportunity to sell your business to applicants the same way you are selling your products or services to your clients.


You can easily gear this to applicants by slightly changing the focus. You can highlight the advantages of joining your team instead of highlighting the advantages of using your services or products. This time, what you are selling is the desirability of your company. This will showcase what benefits employees can get from you, and tells them why they should choose you over others.







Show Your Support for Charity Events


If your company is involved with local charities or is an active supporter of non-profit organizations, then it is likely that you send representatives to these events. If this is the case for you, you can put up an event banner or portable display in a populated location where people passing by can learn more about your company.


This is a smart way to become known for your company’s involvement in your local community. Event banners are able to be used to exemplify the charitable goals or your business or announce an affiliation with the charity, which in turn, will allow your company to be noticed, all while helping a cause.



Improve Your Showrooms


Neglecting the showroom floor of your company is, surprisingly, a very common mistake. Many people lock up their portable displays and event banners when they are not at a trade show or event. Rather than putting them away until next time, you may want to consider setting them up in the showroom of your company in order to remind visitors about all of the wonderful things you offer.


Banner stands and portable displays are perfect for this because they are able to showcase particular features of the product line or company, and they can reinforce what you are trying to sell to your clients.





Generate Enthusiasm For In-House Sales Conferences


It is known that in-house sales conferences or meetings can be quite dull, but by incorporating some elements you used in your trade show booth, you are able to remind your staff why they should be happy working for your company. You are able to spark the passion in your staff by using banner stands or any of your portable displays to broadcast some contests or new initiatives like incentives or reward programs.



Do not restrict yourself from using your trade show displays to other places. By making the most of the wide range of options available with your custom display, you are able to use them all year round in distinctive ways that are sure to get you even better ROI then you would have imagined.


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