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From consultations, through to design, fabrication and global services – we have your trade show needs covered.

If your business is in Security and Defence, conventions and trade shows are likely a huge part of your business model. Talk with us about the best display show rentals, our custom exhibit creation services, and all our turn-key services that can help you stand out at your next security and defense event.

We utilize the best trade show exhibit ideas to shock and excite visitors into paying attention to your products. Enjoy a larger audience reach with one of our custom displays. You’ll spend more than you would on the basic display you bring to every other show, but consider that an investment that you’ll see a major return on in the years to come. Modernize your business with our trade show exhibits and you’ll see greater success in the future.

Get The Perfect Exhibit For Any Environment

Don’t waste your time going to Security and Defense events only to be ignored or overlooked. Invest in displays that feature bold colours, large graphics and distinct text messages that stand out immediately.

It doesn’t matter if you’re attending an indoor convention or an outdoor event, we can help you get the perfect trade show display for every occasion. Our best defense trade show display ideas are for a range of environments and we’ll work with you to get you ready for whatever event that you want to attend. Choose from trade show booths that draw attention and maximize the space that you have to work with.


The Lash Professional trade show exhibit fabrication
Custom trade show exhibit

Make A Bigger Impact For Less By Renting An Exhibit

We understand that not every business can afford to pay for custom trade show exhibits just for one event. That’s why we offer trade show display rental to help you save while still having a big impact at your next convention. It doesn’t matter what event you’re attending, we have the best security rentals to meet all your needs.


What We Rent:

  • Hanging Banner Rental
  • Trade Show Furniture Rental
  • Trade Show Exhibit Rental
  • Island display Rental
  • Mobile Exhibit Rentals
  • Trade Show Audio Visual Rental
  • Island Display Rental
  • Kiosk Rental
  • Outdoor Display Rental

We offer so many different options to give customers just what they need to stand out and attract visitors at conferences and events around the world. Invest in what you need to have exciting booth space for your upcoming event.

Custom trade show exhibits

Get Your Trade Show Set Up Anywhere In The World

At Beaumont & Co. we create trade show exhibits, ship them where they are needed around the world and we’ll even install them for you. It makes no difference where you want to attend a trade show or convention, we can make sure that you get your display just where it’s needed. Whether you’re going to Europe, Asia or another part of the world for a security conference, we can get your display where it’s needed for you and get it set up.


Impress Clients, Stakeholders And Investors

Choosing a custom trade show display is just like deciding on an outfit. You need to take steps to look your best for the best results. You could be unveiling the most impressive defense technology the world has ever known, and it won’t matter if you don’t stand out in the way your booth looks to get interested people over to see what you have to offer. We’ll work with you to make sure you get the perfect defense trade show displays for your conferences and events. Investing in the appearance of your booth display will help you have more success in your industry and can offer a serious return in terms of improved customer interest and sales success as well.

In business presentation is very important. Enhance the way you look and you’ll enjoy better customers and more success. It’s a simple fact of doing business. Head to the next convention with a poor display and you’ll get passed over. Go with a top notch display and you’ll enjoy more customer interest and more success.

Trade Show Install & Dismantle Services
Salle D' Attente Hanging banner and trade show booth

Guidelines For Optimizing Client Engagement

  • Use simple messaging to make your point clear
  • Rely on a unique design for your defense trade show displays
  • Assume your place, if you’re the largest company showcase that
  • Make use of bright graphics that are oversized and bold for the biggest impact

We’ll give you everything that you need to stand out. Your business could have an excellent product, but it won’t achieve success without the proper presentation. Let our service help you stand out and get you the customers that you deserve. Dominate the defense and security sector with help from our custom trade show displays, furniture, and designs. We’re a full-service company and give you exactly what you need to stand out

We Handle All Your Install & Dismantle Needs

Marketing at conventions is stressful and most companies don’t want to handle display installation themselves. At Beaumont & Co. we can design, ship and install custom trade show exhibits for our customers. It makes no difference where you’re going for your next event, let us get your display to the location and installed so you can show up and start engaging with customers. Our team of professionals has years of experience working under strict deadlines and completing installations to exact standards so you know you’ll get a quality install the first time.

Custom island exhibits
Beaumont & Co - Island trade show exhibit rental

Popular Security & Defence Trade Shows And Conventions

Stop sitting around and waiting? Get out there and take advantage of the dozens of different Security and Defence trade shows and convention opportunities each and every year. Prepare for a couple of these big events will boost your business exposure and your ROI by putting your security company in front of thousands of faces. We can help you get ready for these conventions with quality custom displays and installation services to help you get set up.

Security & Defence Trade Shows And Conventions We Work With

There are a large number of quality conventions taking place month after month that you will not want to miss. By attending popular shows in the security and defense industry you will be exposed to a larger number of clients, generating success for your business. Take advantage of these trade shows in the security and defense industry by partnering with Beaumont & Co.

Custom trade show exhibits

Shipping And Logistics For Security & Defence Trade Shows And Conventions

A top-quality display can help you market your business more effectively, but getting the display to a location in another part of the world is an overwhelming task, to say the least. At Beaumont & Co. we specialize in shipping full-sized displays and can transport your display, take care of all storage requirements and install it on site so that it’s ready for you when you arrive. With our help you only have to show up and engage with the visitors, we take care of the rest!