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The Benefits of Renting Trade Show Displays

Why to Rent Trade Show Displays Instead of Purchasing?

While no one will argue with the fact that setting up a visually-striking trade show booth is important, a lot of companies mistakenly assume that they should buy their own trade show displays outright to gain the results they want for their business. Luckily, this isn’t the case at all.

Renting trade show displays that will represent your brand has become easier than ever. The trade show displays that are available on the market for rent include but not limited to modular displays, custom exhibits, island displays, pavilions, LED video screens, and many more.

But is renting trade show displays worth it? While buying your own display would be another sensible option, renting also comes with many benefits. These benefits you can get are the following.


Renting Exhibits and Displays Can Save You Money

Opting to rent trade show displays could provide you with a more flexible option in regards to your budget, especially if you don’t always attend exhibits or other business events.

Of course, buying a trade show display to only set it up twice or three times a year would be a total waste of money. So, if you are not planning on setting up regular tradeshow exhibition renting the tradeshow display instead of buying would save you a lot.

You will have a list of money-saving benefits, which include saving money on shipping the display to the location, renting a storage unit, and paying for the maintenance.


Exhibit Rentals Offer Convenience in Managing a Trade Show Plan

Convenience is one of the best things about renting a trade show display instead of buying. This applies especially when your exhibit is in another country.

Imagine having to ship your owned exhibit displays abroad. Sounds like a big hassle, right? Because it is! Fortunately, you can eliminate this hassle by simply renting a trade show booth in the same location where the exhibit is going to take place. Usually, the rent provider is the one to manage every booth logistic for you including setting up. All you have to do is be in the location and everything will be laid out for you.


Trade Show Display Rentals Are Modular and Offer Flexibility

Flexibility is another reason why more and more businesses attending trade shows would rather rent a trade show booth display than buy their own.

Regardless of what type of trade show or exhibition you would like to attend, Beaumont & Co. can surely develop a trade show display that will exceed your expectations. You would always have the option to change the theme, format, size, and style according to your preference or brand.

Furthermore, renting trade show displays and exhibits will give you the freedom to experiment and use as many different kinds of displays that you think will help your brand to stand out in the sea of trade show booths.


Exhibit and Stand Rentals Save Space

Because you don’t own the rented equipment, you don’t have the responsibility of keeping and storing the trade show displays.

Having your own trade show display and equipment will require you to have your own storage area to put them when not in use.  Whereas in renting trade show booth displays, this matter is something you would not experience. We offer a full suite of trade show booth project management and asset management services.


It Allows Your Exhibit Design to Capitalize on The Latest Style and Trends

When buying your own trade show booth, you’re probably expecting that you will be able to use them for many years to come. While that is true, buying a trade show display doesn’t guarantee that you can always keep up with the modern changes in design and technology.

Although you can indeed use the same trade show booth display over and over again, chances are, you will need to do frequently do updates or buy add-ons just to keep up with your competition.

By choosing trade show display rentals, you can make sure to find the trendiest displays and add-ons that will make your booth stand out and attract people.


You Don’t Need to Ship Your Trade Show Display Around the World

One common misconception is that if you have a unique trade show booth and branding, that you need to ship your trade show booth internationally. However now with the use of custom modular displays, Beaumont & Co. and our partners are able to replicate your trade show booth style, look and needs- and deliver the project anywhere in the world.

Canada, the USA, Europe, the UAE, and China, are just some of the areas we excel at Trade show booth rentals. We offer full turn key services from design through to installation and dismantle. Stand rentals, exhibit rentals and pavilion rentals are just a few of the displays we can offer on a rental basis globally.

Exhibit Rentals, Booth Rentals, Stand Rentals.

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You’re Able to See What Trade Show Displays Are Best From the “Try it Out” Experience

If it’s your first time to participate in a trade show, exhibition or conference, renting trade show displays will not only give all the benefits mentioned above, it will also provide you general knowledge about choosing a trade show booth in case you eventually want to buy your own.

A common reason why many businesses choose to rent displays is that they don’t know if the investment is worth it, so they want to see first how it will work out for them.

Renting a trade show booth will allow you to “try it before you buy it.” You will be able to know what you like and what you don’t. You will also learn what you need to improve in your booth to attract potential customers.

As you can see, opting to rent trade show displays rather than buying comes with a lot of benefits. Hopefully, this article gave you the answers you are looking to deciding as to whether you should rent or buy trade show displays for your upcoming trade shows.

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