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The Key Benefits of Using Fabric Displays for Trade Shows

Fabric displays have gone through a lot of changes throughout the years. With the combination of LED technology and its newer style, fabric displays are now innovatively used to advertise businesses in a remarkable way.


Modern Approach to Fabric Displays

Unlike traditional fabric banners that typically could not be used again and again, its modern counterpart is made to provide abiding durability. In terms of design, you are able to imitate images and graphics on fabric in different striking ways like creating 3D-effects using tension fabric material. You also can easily choose the display panel. Fabric displays come in different forms –suspended ones, fabric banner stands, hanging displays, pop-up displays, and others.


Using Fabric Displays In Your Trade Show Booths

Fabric displays are tools to make your trade show experience successful as you can easily modify them according to what you think is most beneficial for your business. If you happen to have a larger booth at the trade show, adding hanging fabric displays is an effective way to add height and exposure to your booth without having to invest too much. On the other hand, if you have a smaller place for your booth, you may want to utilize back wall displays, or table top displays.

Fabric banner stands are usually placed towards the isle to draw the attention of those who are passing by; however, they can also be used inside your booth to effectively use the free space within the booth area. These fabric displays are usually mounted on lightweight aluminum frames that offer the needed support.

Fabric displays can be accessorized in different ways, yet another reason why many companies use them. Tension fabric, particularly, can be layered, twisted, and manipulated in different ways to make the anticipated visual effect. Fabric displays are usually tension fit and attach like a large pillow case with a tight zipper to keep the display taught and wrinkle free.


Adding Images and Texts to Displays

In terms of using texts and images as part of the advertising material, fabric displays are very adaptive. You can customize them by using texts and images that best represent your brand during at the event. Fabric displays are printed using a high end dye fabrication process, so what you design, is exactly what will be printed on the fabric.


Durability and Washing of Fabric Displays

The type of fabric used in this type of displays is long-lasting and well-made, which allows you to use them for many trade shows and other marketing events. You are able to fold the fabric as many times as you want because it’s wrinkle free, without having to deal with the prints peeling off or crackling like panel displays.

The materials that are normally used in fabric displays are normally washable and can be washed with a mild detergent soap. They’re durable enough to undergo machine wash, even though a hand wash is always better. You are able to wash the fabrics whenever they get stained or dirty, dry them and use mild ironing in order smoothen them and give them a clean, nice look.

Designing your fabric displays requires creativity – you can use your skills and imagination to create an intricate and one-of-kind booth that will make you stand out in the event.


Types of Fabric Displays:

  • Fabric Trade Show Displays
  • Fabric Banner Stands
  • Fabric Hanging Banners
  • Fabric Backwall
  • SEG Fabric Printing
  • SEG Wall Frames
  • Dye Sub Printing
  • Lightweight Fabric Booths
  • Portable Fabric Displays

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