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About Canada


The economic freedom score of Canada is 77.7, which makes its overall economy the 9th freest in the 2018 Index. Canada is ranked first among 32 countries in the Americas region, and its general score is well above the world averages.


The economic competitiveness of Canada has been persistent by solid rule of law and consistent institutional fundamentals of an open-market system. The government continuously promoting the massive infrastructure spending, which includes through a proposed infrastructure bank, and augmented development rates are improving government income. Top tax rates have improved nationwide and in some regions, but the government has been forced to scale back small-business tax reform despite strong opposition.


The main advantages of Canada are a capable workforce, a welcoming business environment, and supreme market access. It’s one of the most vibrant economies in the world, with a market of 30 million consumers and urbane infrastructures, along with a very modern transportation system.


Trade Shows in Canada


Canada is undoubtedly one of the richest countries in the world. More and more businesses are emerging and economic opportunities growing that exist in many regions of the country. Because of those reasons, it is not surprising how Canada has become a favourite location to host a trade show events or exhibits.


We at Beaumont of Co. are aware of these demands so we are here to answer many companies need for reliable and knowledgeable trade show service anywhere in Canada.


Top Trade Shows in Canada



Reliable Exhibit and Display Provider in Canada


If you are lucky enough to be given a chance to participate in a trade show, conference or event in Montreal, you are in luck as the assistance you need is within your reach.


Beaumont & Co. is your one-stop-shop for a trade show displays, exhibits, booths, banners, retail signage and products in Canada. We offer a wide selection of high-quality exhibit products for trade shows, conferences, community events and for any of your marketing needs in Canada.


We are specializing in the custom design, creation, and installation of stands, portable display systems, and large format signage. We also offer a huge selection of exhibition furniture as well display equipment available if needed.



What We Build & Print for Our Clients in Canada



So much of being successful at a trade show event is having a trade show booth that will give the best impression to your potential clients. We partner with you to put your name in the game with an exhibit that’s professional, unique and will help your standout among the sea of companies offering the same products or services.


Beaumont and Co. is a valuable resource for your trade show needs. From installation to dismantling, we are here to do the job for you! We specialize in offering high-quality labour as well as professional supervision and coordination. With many years of experience and hundreds of companies we served, our reputation is our greatest asset.


We’ve worked very hard to construct relationships that nurture our capability to perform the job well and provide your company with the exposure and revenue it deserves.


Our team of professionals is made of experienced craftsmen, trade experts, and lead men that have the industry experience it requires to manage an effective trade show events.


The support we offer on and off the show floor is surely going to lessen stress and maximize your time and budget.


Trade Show Event Organizations in Canada



Where We Work in Canada


– Edmonton
– Calgary
– Fort McMurry

British Columbia
– Victoria
– Vancouver


– Winnipeg


New Brunswick
– Moncton
– Fredericton


Newfoundland and Labrador
– St. John’s


Northwest Territories
– Yellowknife


Nova Scotia
– Halifax


– Iqaluit


– Toronto
– Mississauga
– Ottawa


Prince Edward Island
– Charlottetown


– Quebec city
– Montreal


– Regina
– Saskatoon

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