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Portable Displays

Beaumont & Co. produces a wide selection of high-quality portable displays, retractable banners, pop up displays for exhibitions, conferences, marketing, and other commercial uses.

For Portable Displays – Why Do Both Small and Large Brands Alike Choose Beaumont & Co. ?

A Full-Service Campaign & Event Provider


Beaumont & Co. not only creates high-quality portable displays and retractable banners for trade shows, exhibitions and conferences, but we also assist in designing and coordinating your events, promotions and experiential marketing campaigns. We provide custom portable displays, pop up displays and banner stands for trade shows that are easy for travelling, lightweight and user-friendly. We are here to work with you and bring your brand awareness to the next level and ensure you make a large impact at your next event.

Quality Materials


Here at Beaumont & Co., we pride ourselves on the quality materials that we use for our projects, using only the best for our custom portable displays and banners. Portable displays tend to endure a large deal of wear and tear, setting up, tearing down, and shipping frequently, these displays need to be durable. Many of these portable displays need to endure the elements outdoors as well, so it is important they are top quality to stand the test of time. Our team of experts make sure your brand looks top notch time after time, location after location.



Fast Production & Large Volume


We are well aware that many of our clients need these custom retractable banners and portable displays very quickly, which is why we are able to design and deliver our exhibits in record time. Whether you are looking for a single unit, or one thousand, Beaumont & Co. can typically deliver portable displays in less than two weeks. For further information about custom projects and deadlines, please contact us at (902)-410-7446 or info@beaumontandco.ca.


Environmentally Friendly Displays


We are pleased to provide our clients with exhibits that use environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. Our projects are comprised of mainly recycled aluminum and biodegradable fabrics, these projects are sure to make a large impact on your branding and marketing, and a small impact on our beautiful planet.

Choose From A Wide Selection of Displays

Trade shows, conferences, events and campaigns come in many different shapes and sizes, which is why Beaumont & Co. keeps a comprehensive stock of displays on hand to meet the demands of any large project. Our team is also capable of producing custom displays, retractable banners, and pop up displays in a short amount of time. The list of projects we are capable of completing for our clients is extensive, but listed below are several ideas of what we can provide you with:

Fabric Backwalls

Fabric Hanging Banners

Printed Literature Stands

Printed TV Stands

Teardrop Flags

10x20 Portable Displays

Portable LED Backwalls

Pop Up Booths

Fabric Booths

Printed Table Covers

Printed Ipad Stands

Feather Flags

Pop Up Tents

10x20 Portable Displays

Retractable Banner Stands

Banner Bugs

Canadian Cities Where We Operate

Chicago, IL

New Jersey, NJ

Las Vegas, NV

San Diego, CA

Orlando, FL

Miami, FL

Houston, TX

Boston, MA

New York, NY

Baltimore, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Tampa, FL

Cincinnati, OH

Please contact Beaumont & Co. if you are exhibiting outside of North America, as our team has many strategic partnerships with exhibit companies abroad.


We Provide Portable Display Ideas and Expertise

We are pleased to be a resource for custom portable displays, whether you are planning your first event or are launching a multi-national display campaign, it is our pleasure to provide you with the high-quality custom portable display you will need. We will set you up with a walkthrough of the different products we supply, provide you with example project images to reference, and even mock up your display choices with your branding so you are able to visualize the final product. Our team is a diverse team of experts who can design a custom portable display, retractable banner or pop up booth, from the ground up for you, or turn your existing ideas into a reality.


Frequently Asked Questions About Portable Displays

How heavy is a portable display?

Portable displays can range in size and weight. When talking about portable displays we typically say that small displays are under 100 lbs and are easy to transport and carry.  We offer a large range of portable displays from pop up banners, branded flags, small backwalls, tabletop displays and much more, which will all vary in weight. We have many options that will fit your portable display needs. For specific weights please contact us at (902)-410-7446 or info@beaumontandco.ca.


How expensive are portable displays?

Portable displays range in price, they can be anywhere from $50 for a small banner stand, to thousands of dollars for large portable displays and exhibits. When inquiring about a custom portable display, it is important to come prepared with an idea of a budget so we can give accurate quotes and information.




How do you ship portable displays?


There are several ways to ship a portable display such as by vehicle or air. Many of our clients are using portable displays around the world from trade show to trade show, so we are able to provide clients with displays that can be taken on planes if requested. Portable displays are typically lightweight and can usually be picked up by yourself. If you are travelling to a local event, you can transport your portable display in your vehicle, or if you do not want to transport it yourself, Beaumont & Co. can deliver your display by air wherever you need.


Does Beaumont & Co. ship portable displays?

Yes, we do. We ship portable displays all the time all around the globe. If you are attending a trade show and need your portable display shipped we can handle the logistics of each show for you.



How to design a portable display?

Trade show booth design is where we come in. We have a large team of trusted booth designers who will ask you your key needs and then we will take it from there. The more details we have on your trade show display needs the better in order to provide you with a display that captures your company and is what you are looking for.


Do you provide tents and flags for outdoor use?

Yes, we do. We supply branded pop up tents for all types of events that are inside or out. Adding a branded tent or flag to your event is typically very beneficial, as it is eye-catching to future customers. When thinking of branded outdoor tents keep in mind that you may want to speak with one of our display specialists to ensure it is the best fit for your event. We also have a selection of mobile exhibits for rent.

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