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From consultations, through to design, fabrication and global services – we have your trade show needs covered.

By being a part of the comic industry, you already understand the value of trade shows and conventions. Talk with our team about investing in leading trade show displays that will stop attendees in their tracks. Our custom design services, professional convention display rentals, and turn-key comic convention services can give you exactly what you need for real success at your next comic convention.

We offer high-end custom trade show exhibits that will make all the difference for your comic business over time. By spending more on a quality display, you will attract more attention and enjoy improved marketing success at major events in the future.

Get The Perfect Custom Exhibit For Any Comic Industry Event

Here at Beaumont & Co. we are able to provide services and products to all of our clients, regardless of location or environment. If you are planning on attending an event in a large indoor hall, we can cover all of your exhibit needs. If you are doing something completely different than that and exhibiting in an outdoor venue, we are still able to provide you with services and products to fit those needs. We will work with you to provide you with a product that will serve your needs regardless of the environment or location.

The Lash Professional trade show exhibit fabrication
Custom trade show exhibit

Make A Large Impact With A Rental Exhibit From Beaumont & Co. At Your Next Comic Industry Convention

We are well aware that purchasing a custom trade show exhibit is not the right choice for all of our clients, which is why we offer a wide range of rental products for every need. Choose from our wide selection of products to get the right look for your upcoming comic convention. Our rental services are perfect for anyone who wants low commitment, is exhibiting abroad, or is attending multiple comic conventions at the same time.

What We Rent

    • Island Display Rental
    • Trade Show Booth Rentals
    • Trade Show Furniture Rental
    • Kiosk Rental
    • Mobile Exhibit Rentals
    • Trade Show Audio Visual Rental
    • Trade Show Exhibit Rental
    • Outdoor Display Rental
    • Hanging Banner Rental

We rent many different products so you are able to find the right fit for your company. Partner with Beaumont & Co. today to choose a rental exhibit that meets all of your needs, all while saving on your budget and bringing success to your business

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Beaumont & Co - Island trade show exhibit rental

Beaumont & Co. Offers Global Services

We specialize in installing exhibits all over the world at Beaumont & Co. and can help you get your custom display for your comic convention installed anywhere around the globe! You can now consider exhibiting abroad to bring awareness to your company and generate more sales. We have partners all around the world that allow us to handle all of your installation and dismantle needs regardless of location. Partner with us today to inquire about exhibiting abroad!

Impress Clients, Stakeholders And Investors

The display design you choose for your upcoming comic conventions is very important, as appearance is what draws in attendees to convert them to future clients. You want to ensure that your custom display is eye-catching and unique to set you apart from your competitors. Attending conventions with a dull, outdated display will cause you to get passed by and will not bring you the attention you deserve. At Beaumont & Co. we specialize in creating custom convention displays that will set you apart and bring you success.

Today business owners realize just how important presentation is to sell a product. You could offer some of the best Comic book technologies available today, and still not get the attention you deserve if you do not set yourself apart. Showing up to attending at a large convention with a poor display will not bring you the awareness you are wanting to achieve. Partner with us today to exhibit with a high-quality display that will make your time worth it.

Oxygen Trade Show Display
Beaumont & Co Trade Show Stand Rentals

Guidelines For Optimizing Client Engagement At Comic Industry Conventions And Events

  • Utilize large, high-quality graphics with bright colours
  • Use bold text with a clear and concise message
  • Represent your company properly, if you are the largest company, ensure it is known
  • Always use a unique booth design to set yourself apart from your competition.


We will work alongside your comic business to help you achieve the success that does not come from just high-quality products. With our custom convention displays, your comic business will stand out, generate the attention it deserves and expand its reach for a major return on your investment.

We Handle All Your Install & Dismantle Needs

Once you have a custom display that you want to use, our team can help you put it in quickly and reliably so you don’t have to worry about installation yourself. Our team has been trained carefully to complete display installation steps quickly, so you can show up to that next convention and enjoy your fully installed display as you market your company.

Custom island exhibits

Popular Comic Trade Shows And Conventions

What are you waiting for? There are hundreds of comic conventions and events around the globe every single year. Prepare for a few of these major events and boost your company by attracting the attention of hundreds or thousands of interested new customers. Enhance your company reach and your ROI by investing in one of our custom displays and install services for your next event and stand out.

Comic Trade Shows And Conventions You Can’t Miss

  • WonderCon
  • San Diego Comic Con
  • ComicPalooza
  • Salt Lake Comic Con
  • BlizzCon
  • Gamescom
  • Lucca Comics & Games
  • Tokyo Game Show
  • New York Comic Con
  • Japan Expo
  • Comiket
  • Anime Festival Asia

Each month there are endless opportunities to attend major events like the ones listed above. These events are a chance to connect with clients to show what your comic business has to offer. By attending these events with a custom exhibit, you are sure to bring awareness to your company.

Large trade show exhibit

Shipping And Logistics For Comic Trade Shows And Conventions

Shipping a custom exhibit across the world is an overwhelming task for any business owner, which is why Beaumont & Co. offers shipping and logistical services for our clients. We can manufacture your custom exhibit, package them and deliver them wherever they are needed in the world. Attend your next comic convention with a beautiful custom exhibit that will set you apart from your competition, and we are sure to make your experience stress free.