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Best 20 x 30 Trade Show Display Ideas

Are you exhibiting with a custom 20 x 30 trade show display at your next event? Our team of experts here at Beaumont & Co. knows just how important it is to exhibit with a top quality, eye-catching display in order to remain memorable and capture the attention of future clients. There is an extensive list of different ways you can capture the attention of attendees, but we are here to share a few best practices about custom 20 x 30 trade show displays. You need to remember just how important it is to have a uniquely designed exhibit to ensure that you are memorable.


Making Use Of The Space You Have to Customize Your Display


The size of your exhibit is important, but what is more important is how you transform the space and how you are able to gain interest from attendees and your future clients. Our goal is to turn attendees into your future clients, by providing you with the best booth we possibly can. When you are exhibiting with a custom 20 x 30 trade show display, it gives you a great amount of space to be creative, as well as it allows more space for attendees to walk through your booth and see what you have to offer. With this space, you can really customize your display and make it a whole experience for those viewing it.


Start Your Design Process Early To Ensure A Positive Experience


One of the best tips that Beaumont & Co. can give to exhibitors who want to be noticed, is starting early. If you want to design a beautiful custom 600 sqft. trade show exhibit that will set you apart from your competitors and be stress-free, you need to have a realistic timeline. There are many small details that come into play when designing a custom display with unique aspects and we do not want you to be stressed near showtime dealing with all of the small details. At Beaumont & Co. we pride ourselves on our ability to respect timelines, but for the best trade show experience, we suggest starting your design process early enough so that your experience is as positive as possible.


Beaumont & Co. Can Help You Choose The Right Display


We take pride in our ability to stay relevant in the design of 20 x 30 trade show exhibits, and in our ability to be creative and set our clients apart from their competitors. Our team attends a large number of trade shows, conferences and other events annually, and we are always noteting what is most popular at each event we attend. It is important to note that if you exhibit in multiple trade shows or attend multiple events annually, a custom modular trade show display might be the best option for you. If your area at your last show was a 20 x 20, and you are now exhibiting a 20 x 30 display, a modular display will eliminate the need to purchase a whole new exhibit. Please keep this in mind when you are designing your 20 x 30 custom trade show display. If you need more information on custom modular trade show displays, please contact us at info@beaumontandco.ca or 1(877)-236-7923, as we specialize in modular displays in various dimensions.


With that being said, it is time to get into the fun part, the tips, tricks and best practices!


How To Get Noticed With Your 20×30 Custom Trade Show Display


Incorporating A Hanging Banner To Capture Attention


Trade shows are extremely competitive spaces and it can be difficult to be noticed, although we know this is the main goal. In order to be noticed at trade shows and events, you need to set yourself apart and be creative. Often times the first thing an attendee sees when scoping out the room for displays to view is a custom hanging sign or a custom hanging banner. These hang above the exhibit and are well designed, simple, easy to read signs that fit the theme of your booth and give attendees a good idea of who you are.


Taking Time To Design Your Display Backdrop


Custom hanging banners can draw attention to your exhibit from afar, but stage backdrops can draw in attention from those closer to your display. A professionally designed, eye-catching backdrop can give future clients a more detailed idea of who you are, or services or products you have to offer. They can be made out of a variety of materials depending on your needs and your budget and are often quite easy to transport. Beaumont & Co. suggests you take time when designing your custom media backdrops for your next trade show or event because they can most definitely draw in attendees and make an impact.


Taking Your Trade Show Display Flooring To The Next Level


When you attend a trade show or event, you need to decide on which flooring you would like to use, typically rented or purchased. You can make an impact with the flooring that you choose, making sure it flows with your theme, looks professional and clean. Another tip to elevate your impact is you might want to consider raised flooring. By taking the extra step and purchasing raised flooring for your 20 x 30 exhibit, it makes attendees feel as if they are taking a step into your booth and makes it feel more high end, rather than regular carpet flooring. It can be more expensive, but it does elevate the entire experience of your booth. Elevating your trade show exhibit flooring is extremely popular in Europe, but it is something we suggest to our clients worldwide.


Using Lighting To Bring Your Display To Life


Lighting is one of the most important features in a trade show display of any size; it is what sets the tone of the space. You should have strategic placement of lighting in your display, and when done right, it can really bring your display to life. By being strategic with your lighting, you can highlight important elements in your display, so attendees know where to look first, giving them the important information they need in these well-lit areas. You also want to make sure you are choosing the right tone of light, while warm-toned lighting can make people feel relaxed, cool toned lighting is brighter and can wake people up. Having a well-lit display can draw attention to your exhibit from afar and generate a crowd, as well as a low lit booth, can flow well for your specific theme, and can tell more about who you are as a brand if that suits your brand values.


Building Your Exhibit to Capture And Generate Interest


A custom 20 x 30 trade show exhibit is a great size to be creative with, but if your competitors have a larger space that you are worried about, do not forget that you can build up your booth; keep in mind venue regulations. By having a strong trade show display backwall in your booth, it allows you to be seen from farther away and can really capture attention and make an impact. A strong and effective backwall will include your logo and information about what you offer. Aside from having a prominent backwall, if you are building your display upward, depending on guidelines for your venue, you can add another story to your booth, making it a double decker. This will make your design much more unique and it can really take your presence to the next level. The creative design options are truly endless when you work with Beaumont & Co.


When you take these tips into consideration and integrate them into your next 20 x 30 exhibit, you are sure to be noticed by attendees, turning them into respected clients.



How to Customize Your Space In Your 20 x 30 Custom Trade Show Display


Adding Offices And Boardrooms To Your 20 x 30 Exhibit


As we have mentioned previously, you have more space to work within a 20 x 30 display, giving you space to make it your own and really be able to customize it. With space this size, you are able to include designated areas for specific needs in your exhibit. You are able to work with your design team to incorporate offices or boardrooms, which are ideal for private meetings with clients or employees, or private conversations. Instead of having these meetings out in the open, you are able to have a specific space for them. Aside from closed-off meeting rooms, you also have the option to include a lounge area into your display, which is a very relaxed area for business talk, or can be used as a space to mingle and get to know your future clients, or catch up with the clients you may already have.


Adding Useful Storage In Your Exhibit


With more space in your exhibit, you also have more room for storage! To be visually appealing to attendees, you want a clean, simple display with very little clutter. Having more storage will ensure you have nothing in sight that you do not need at all times, such as personal belongings, extra tokens of appreciation, bottles of water etc.


Experiential Marketing With Your 20 x 30 Custom Trade Show Display


Optimizing Engagement By Delivering A Unique Experience


Experiential marketing, often referred to as engagement marketing, is becoming extremely prominent in the business industry, changing the way we look at marketing. Beaumont & Co. has experienced experiential marketing first hand and is a trusted company to bring it alive in your custom 20 x 30 trade show exhibit. Engagement marketing is giving your clients an experience with your company or brand, which in turn makes them remember you, and allows them to become more engaged. It is easy to forget a slogan or sign you might have read years ago, but experiential marketing often sticks with clients for years to come, creating brand loyalty, which is what we all strive for.


When you take your display to the next level and integrate experiential marketing into it, it typically causes attendees and future clients to spend more time at your 20 x 30 exhibit, often generating a larger crowd to see what the fuss is about. Drawing in a larger crowd leads to forming more relationships and having more interactions. For example, brands in the food and beverage industry will often provide food or refreshments, even cooking and preparing in front of attendees to capture attention. Beaumont & Co. has also seen brands incorporate money machines, wheels to spin, or games to play etc., to draw people in and really make sure they are engaged and enjoying their time with your brand, create positive, fun memories.


Including Audiovisual In Your 20 x 30 Exhibit


Having a custom 20 x 30 trade show display gives you a fantastic amount of space to include audiovisual in your exhibit. With this size display, you can designate a location to experiential marketing or audiovisual, having an area for interactive relationships to form. Audiovisual will give you the opportunity to engage and interact with more clients and attendees, and it allows you to get your message across a larger group of people than you would without it. Providing your clients with an experience is sure to make you memorable and it is a key element to a high-quality custom 20 x 30 trade show exhibit.


Ensuring Comfortability in Your 20 x 30 Custom Trade Show Display


Choosing The Right Furniture For Your Next Trade Show Booth


When you exhibit with a custom 20 x 30 trade show exhibit you have a great amount of space to move freely throughout, allowing attendees to have space when viewing your display. You want to ensure that your exhibit has all the information clients will need to know, but not to overwhelm them and crowd the space. It also sounds very minimal, but having the appropriate furniture in your exhibit will make a big difference to your 20 x 30 display. When you exhibit at trade shows and larger events, it is very competitive and your main goal is to form relationships and gain clients for your business. It is important to provide clients with comfortable couches and seating to make them feel at home and feel comfortable. You essentially want to make them feel as if they are not sitting inside of a trade show or conference.


Welcoming Attendees Into Your 20 x 30 Display


Making your clients feel physically comfortable with furniture is important, but you also want to create a welcoming space where people feel drawn into and creating a space where they want to spend some time with you. Providing cold drinks and small tokens of appreciation do in fact go a long way in making clients feel comfortable. With that being said, furniture and small tokens of appreciation or cold drinks can go a long way, but so can the lighting. The lighting, once again, can set the tone and bring your space to life and can really set the mood. Please keep lighting in mind when it comes to being noticed, as well as when you are creating a space for comfortability.


Beaumont & Co. is a leading North American trade show display company, capable of designing a beautiful 20 x 30 trade show display that is sure to make your clients feel welcomed and comfortable. We will provide you with a space with comfortable couches and chairs, areas designed for conversations and interactions, and will surely make your clients feel at home with your company. Creating a comfortable and welcoming space is a fantastic way to set yourself apart from your competitors and make your 20 x 30 custom trade show display memorable.



Renting A 20 x 30 Custom Trade Show Display


Not sure if you are ready to commit to purchasing a 20 x 30 custom trade show exhibit? Lucky for you, Beaumont & Co. provides a large variety of rental products for all of your trade show needs! As we mentioned previously, we offer beautiful custom modular trade show exhibits, which might be the right option for you as well if you are a company or business that attends a large number of trade shows or events annually. Modular displays allow you to change the size of your display from show to show, eliminating the need to purchase multiple displays. With that being said, if you do not want to commit to purchasing a display at all, we can provide you with a rental display.


Renting With Beaumont & Co.


When you rent with Beaumont & Co. it is low commitment and low stress. We will design a custom exhibit for you, one that meets all of your needs, and the display shipping, display storage, display installation and dismantle will all be handled by our team of experts. If you do want to purchase a 20 x 30 custom display but want to rent materials for inside the booth, such as trade show furniture, banner stands, retractable banners, table covers, audiovisual, etc., we can help in assisting you.


Here at Beaumont & Co., we know that purchasing a 20 x 30 custom trade show exhibit might not be the right choice for all of our clients, which is why we can surely assist you and meet your needs with one of our rental products. For more information or guidance on what products are right for you, please contact us at info@beaumontandco.ca or 1(877)-236-7923.


How to Stay True To Your Brand Values With Your Custom 20 x 30 Trade Show Display


At Beaumont & Co., our team is well versed in designing beautiful 20 x 30 custom trade show exhibits that are sure to set our clients apart from their competitors, and our projects are sure to generate interest in your company. Our trusted team of experts will work alongside you when designing the display to ensure we deliver you exactly what you are looking for. With this teamwork, we make sure to represent your brand the best way we can, staying true to your brand values and bringing them to life in your custom display.


Using Creativity To Draw Clients In


Are you looking for a unique booth design that captures the true essence of your company? Beaumont & Co. is able to integrate key aspects of your brand into your booth design that is sure to be eye-catching to attendees. We always stick to a theme that is consistent with your brand, from the back wall to custom hanging sign, from colour to materials used; we really give you the chance to customize your display. Bob’s Red Mill, as seen below, wanted to incorporate a mill theme to their display using wood and strategic colour, creating a space that makes attendees feel as if they are truly experiencing the brand. Beaumont & Co. promises to stay true to your brand values and bring your ideas and company to life!



Beaumont & Co. Will Exceed All Expectations


Beaumont & Co. is a leading, full-service North American trade show display company, comprised of a trusted team of experts, who is sure to meet all of your event needs. From our experience with a diverse range of trade shows, conferences and events, we know just how to set you apart with a unique display, capture the attention of attendees, ensuring your clients are comfortable and feel welcomed, all while staying true to your brand values and meeting your standards. We use the highest quality materials for all of our projects, and take pride in our ability to meet deadlines and respect the budgets of all of our clients, no matter the size. We are able to design projects from the ground up for you or bring your existing ideas to life, whether that be in a rental, or a display you want to purchase.


Our team exceeds expectations time after time, trade show after trade show, and delivers client service that is nothing but the highest quality. We cannot wait to work with you in designing your custom 20 x 30 trade show display for your next event!

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