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How to Have A Smooth Install & Dismantle at Your Next Trade Show

At your next trade show, it is important that you choose an install and dismantle service provider that will complete the job successfully. All exhibitors are required to hire an install and dismantle company to complete the job for them and it is essential that you have clear communication with the company in order for the job to be done properly with no damages or setbacks.

You want to ensure that you keep some of these following tips in mind when choosing a company to complete your installation and dismantle.


Give Complete Details about Your Trade Show Display Materials


As an exhibitor, you have to ensure that you have an extensive, comprehensive inventory record before any shipping takes place. You need to keep track of everything in your crate that you are planning to ship, so you can make sure it is all still there when it arrives at the trade show location.


Unfortunately, there are instances where boxes or crates can get separated during shipping, or even worse, they can get damaged, resulting in damaged materials. This is why it is important to be proactive and do an inventory before you ship your trade show materials, to ensure you can look over and inspect the crates when they arrive at the destination, to make sure all of your materials are there and are intact.




Be sure to itemize elements such as company brochures, signage, tablets, poles and even giveaways or tokens of appreciation. This will make things a lot easier for the team you hired to keep track of everything you sent when there is detailed paperwork completed beforehand. This will make it easy to notice if anything is missing, which will allow for a smooth and quick install.


Be Sure to Give Detailed Installation Instructions


Once again, it is very important to be diligent and pay attention to details. You want to provide your installation team with very detailed instructions, to ensure it gets completed as quickly and as smoothly as possible. You will want to make sure that the installation and dismantle team is provided with a copy of the instructions at least one week before the event.




You need to keep in mind that the team you have hired is likely going to be setting up several displays for other clients. If you are able to provide the I&D team with instructions earlier, that will give them time to look over them and plan out their I&D to ensure it is done properly and in a timely manner.


Get to Know the Venue of Your Trade Show


We suggest that you make yourself well acquainted with the venue of your trade show, being aware of any limitations the venue has along with any special considerations you may have to address.


Not being familiar with the venue can lead to many complications, for example, if you do not look further into electrical at the venue, you might not have the necessary power strips or enough extension cords to run power through your custom trade show display. If you are not familiar with the features of the venue and where exactly your booth will be placed, you are likely to have an unsuccessful trade show experience.



Be Sure to Give Detailed Dismantle Instructions


Once the show is completed, it is very easy to forget about the little details, and it is wrong to assume that the same team that completed your installation is going to be the same team to do the dismantling. It is important that you do not forget to also provide them with detailed, accurate instructions for dismantling, that also explain how you want your exhibit to be packed, which crates to use, and how to ship the crates to the next destination. You will want to make sure you check the shipping address multiple times and make sure all of your necessary shipping paperwork is completed to ensure nothing gets lost or damaged in the shipping after the event.




When you carefully and properly outline and provided detailed instructions of each aspect of installation and dismantling, you are going to avoid any unpleasant trade show events, and there should be very little hiccups in your trade show experience.


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